Prolost Boardo Templates for Noteshelf

Prolost Boardo is a set of Adobe After Effects presets that streamline the process of creating an animated storyboard, or board-o-matic. They are optimized for storyboards drawn in Noteshelf for iPad, using these two Custom Paper templates.

To install the templates, first visit this page on your iPad. Go ahead, email yourself the link, like an animal.

Tap a link below to open the template image, then tap and hold, and choose Save Image to save the file to your iPad Camera Roll.

Then open Noteshelf.

Tap ⊕ to create a new Notebook.

Tap Customize Notebook.

Select Custom from the Paper Categories tabs (you may need to scroll the list horizontally).

Tap the empty paper feild. The photo browser will appear. Choose one of the template images from your Camera Roll.

Name the 16:9 template Boardo HD, and the other one Boardo Scope.

Now you can create a Notebook using your new Custom Paper.

In the Notebook, tap the settings gear. Under Orientation Settings, choose Lock in Landscape Spine Up. Now you're ready to start drawing.

To learn how to export and animate storyboards created using these templates, consult the readme, or watch the video.

Ever since I was a little boy, I've wanted to draw so badly.

Saving the custom papers in Noteshelf.