Happy Trip Around The Sun

Happy New Year ProLost peeps!

It's going to be an exciting one, I promise. Rebel's Guide events, cool new software for DV Rebels from Red Giant and others, and hopefully some reports from the trenches of my filmmaking endeavors.

I am thrilled and honored to link you to the first post of the year on HD For Indies. I've never felt the need to post about Mike Curtis's thorough and unique blog—becuase quite frankly the vast majority of my readers find thier way here from there—but in the off chance you don't know about it, HD For Indies is my daily source of the latest info on all things HD, including the Red camera. Mike's first post of double-oh-seven is a review of The Guide followed by a brief interview with yours truly.

Thanks for the kind words Mike—from you they mean a lot.

And to all my readers, Happy New Year and all the best from ProLost.