Now You Con Duit

Pauli Ojala, one of the masterminds behind Conduit, has a blog where he demonstrates the power of the plug-in's nodal niftiness.

Conduit is awesome, but personally I have no use for it in FCP or Motion. Maybe someday it will be an After Effects plug-in, and then I will be (in Dieter voice) as happy as a little girl.

I am so tired of people saying that nodal interfaces are "high-end" or obtuse or anti-art or whatever (is anyone actually saying that? Or does it just float around as a sourceless wrong-headed notion?). It takes a lot more esoteric knowledge and wetware wear to work effectively in After Effects than it does in a nodal application, unless you're doing interesting things with time. Conduit provides a fun and punishment-free environment to experiment with nodal compositing. Try it!