Part 3: Avoiding the Icy Sea

OK, so maybe you don't like all this ICC color management stuff. Maybe you long for the simplicity of eLin.* Maybe you want parallel color pipelines in all your floating-point comping apps.

Remember this article? It described using the eLin color model in Shake, and this one talked about Fusion. Now you can use this same true floating-point implementation of the eLin color model in After Effects 7 as well. The Anim Presets below follow the same naming convention as the Shake and Fusion Macros, and do exactly the same things. To work with them in AE7, leave color management off (set Project Working Space to None), and set up Guide Adjustment Layers (AKA LUT layers) to hold your lin2vid Presets, just like you did for eLin. (17.1kB zip file UPDATED 2/11/06)

* No, I know you don't.