How do You Know You're on a Stu Shoot?

If you see something like this, it's a good sign:

The Orphanage wrapped a shoot last week for a new spot, and I got to play with this helicopter mock-up suspended on this giant forklift. Once again DP Ketil Dietrichson shot for me with the Viper, this time using DigiPrime lenses. The spot will be finished HD, which is becoming quite common for me these days.

After this discussion on the CML, I had been wanting to try the Viper with a corrective magenta filter. I don't have any issue with the green cast of the raw Viper filmstream output, but correcting for it on the lens should result in a broader dynamic range more evenly shared across R, G and B. So far I'm sold on this approach — the images we made look great, and the dynamic range will be put to the test with some sun glints off that helicopter mock-up. I'll post some images when the spot is done.

Here's an article that goes into more detail on the rationalle behind the magenta filtration.

Here's another with sample images, although I quibble with the author's characterization of the green cast as a "problem." One of the great strengths of raw images is their lack of built-in white balance, or any other subjective processing.