US Navy "Footprints"

Well, the quality's not great, but someone posted my Navy SEALS spot on YouTube:

This was shot on one not-so-grueling day on an LA beach. We shot HD (Varicam) so we could roll and roll to get just the right waves. We filled ten 60-minute tapes. Four PAs stood in the surf, wearing US Navy-approved booties and awaiting their cue from my first AD. They'd run in and we'd all pray that the right wave would come through. Although we shot until dusk, the take we wound up selecting was made before lunch! Orphanage VFX Supe Ryan Tudhope supervised the compositing, which consisted of day-for-nighting the shot and simulating the lighting change in 32-bit float using After Effects 7.0. Ryan only barely enhanced the footprints, making one of the simpler post jobs we've ever done.