SciTech Awards Announced

Scientific and Technical Achievements to Be Honored with Academy Awards

Of note:

To Florian Kainz for the design and engineering of OpenEXR, a software package implementing 16-bit, floating-point, high dynamic range image files.

To Peter Litwinowicz and Pierre Jasmin for the design and development of the RE: Vision Effects family of software tools for optical flow-based image manipulation.

Congrats Florian, Pete, Pierre, and the rest of the winners!

A few little-known facts about the Nerd Oscars:

  • You don't get nominated. You apply! But you can win without applying, because if your application is investigated, so will be any similar technologies.
  • The Academy announces which technologies it is investigating, so that if you have a similar one you can submit it for consideration.
  • As you can see, the awards are announced well in advance of Oscar night.
  • The awards are handed out in a seperate ceremony that is briefly referenced in the Oscar broadcast, usually when you are in the kitchen getting snacks.