Foundry Buys Nuke

The Foundry has acquired Nuke.

Update: The fxguide article now features an interview with The Foundry's Bill Collis.

Nuke is impressive to say the least, but it's a bit pasty from being behind closed doors for so long. Maybe a handsome Brit to escort it to its coming out party is just what it needs?

The world of compositing software is confusedly annoying right now. Shake has voluntarily succeeded the throne, only to watch Fusion stumble and fall on its face in an attempt to take the seat. After Effects, while still the best place to be creative with images, added 32-bit support to an aging architecture, effectively putting gold rims on the hoopty. Toxik offers you the option to composite using Russian politics.

Meanwhile, Nuke is production-proven, has great kung-fu under the hood, and an "interface" that makes Kodak's Cineon look luxurious. With a fresh take on how it might be bundled, dressed-up, and marketed, Nuke might just pull out ahead in the race to suck the least in the world of desktop compositing.

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