Reason #3

...not to buy the new Panasonic G1, according to David Pogue's NYT review:

The Micro Four Thirds design screams out, “I can do video!” After all, the light is already shining directly on the sensor (instead of being blocked by a mirror), so this camera should be able to record video without batting an eye.

But the G1 can’t.

Video, Panasonic says, will be the emphasis of its 2009 models. They will be the first S.L.R.-type cameras that can not only record hi-def video, but also change focus and zoom while you’re recording, just like a camcorder. (Olympus’s prototype can do video, too.)

This kind of talk makes me giddy. If it’s all true, then these machines will be the world’s first no-compromise, combination still camera/video cameras. The electronics world will truly turn upside down. Watch this space.