Oh Canon...

How can you, on the same page, say both this (italics mine):

…This sensor size difference means that for any given combination of aperture value, subject distance and angle of view, images from the EOS 5D Mark II are going to have much shallower depth of field than images from a conventional HD device… This difference in the look of movies created by the EOS 5D Mark II is part of the reason why we believe it will be embraced by creative professionals.

…and this:

In addition to the adjustable settings listed above, the following settings are made automatically by the camera and cannot be adjusted by the user:

  • ISO speed
  • Shutter speed (from 1/30 to 1/125)
  • Aperture

Yep, if there’s one thing creative professional embrace, it’s an utter lack of control.

Please Canon, the camera is released, it’s a huge hit. Get to work on a firmware update to add 24p and manual exposure control.