Conduit is Suite, Magic Bullet was Framed

More w00ting later, but for now just a quick note that the Conduit Suite was released today. Like Magic Bullet Looks, you get a standalone app and plug-ins for all your favorite hosts together in one package.

Speaking of Magic Bullet and me being behind on things, Magic Bullet Frames was released recently as well, providing wicked fast and smooth deinterlacing and 24p conversion right in your NLE.

Conduit has always allowed you to do nodal compositing in Final Cut and Motion, which to me was like allowing you to do brain surgery in a bumper car. But now it works in Photoshop and After Effects as well, which makes a ton more sense. I've been waiting for years on After Effects's front lawn holding a nodal boom box over my head, and while this doesn't quite answer all my hopes and dreams, it's a damn fine start.

By the way, Conduit is not just a complete GPU-accelerated real-time compositing system that now runs inside all your favorite apps. It's also the most innovative visualization of the venerable nodal compositing model ever implemented. In other words, these aren't just nodes, these are phat nodez with very clever ways of showing you what's going where. Nice job DV Garage.

EDIT: To help cut through the confusion about what platforms Conduit runs on, here's a critical bit from the DV Garage site:

What do you get?

Conduit Live - A GPU-powered, stand-alone nodal capture tool designed for live, real-time video compositing (Mac only).

Conduit fxPlug - GPU-powered nodal ccompositing for Final Cut Pro and Motion (Mac only).

Conduit After Effects - Nodal compositing for After Effects. (Mac and Windows).

Conduit Photoshop - Nodal compositing for Photoshop (Mac and Windows)