I'm on TWiP

I was the guest on This Week in Photography podcast #42, where we geeked out about camera sensors and complained about the megapixel arms race.

If you're new to ProLost via TWiP, you can check out previous posts tagged with Photography. You might be particularly interested in my Lightroom 2 speed session, where I compacted six minutes of photo editing with the public beta (including lots of local adjustments) into a time-lapse screen capture.

I take tons of pictures for work, but mostly for the sheer pleasure of it. My flickr feed is here, and I update it often. Lately I've been posting older images that are suddenly of interest thanks to Lightroom 2.0's local adjustments.

My cameras include the Canon 5D with f/1.4 50mm and kit zoom and the venerable Panasonic LX2.