Happy Birthday Red Centre

The 30th episode of RED Centre marks its one year anniversary, occasion enough to point out that it is one of my very favorite podcasts, despite my not owning a Red. Mike Seymour, of fxguide and fxphd, and director/shooter Jason Wingrove consistently turn out snappy, entertaining and thoughtful episodes. They follow my rule of great podcasting: rather than imagine what they think an audience might want to hear, they simply have conversations about things that interest them. In other words, they make the show they would want to listen to. When Jason and Mike think out loud, we all learn together. And their interviews are not journalism as much as they are opportunities to eavesdrop on the bleeding edge of digital cinema.

Someone asked me recently why I'm not more of a fan of RED, which was a surprising enough question that I want to clarify something here: I am a fan of RED. There are now 35 posts on this blog tagged with RED. By comparison, there are 31 tagged with photography. Yes, many of those RED posts are critical, but understand this: if I take the time to post critical essays about something, that means I like it. If I'm not interested I won't waste the keystrokes or your time.

I like the RED One camera—what it represents, and what it has the potential to be. I like it so much that I desperately want it and RED's future cameras to be as great as I see that they so easily could be. This is why I encourage RED to develop industry-friendly standardized workflows, to be honest about their dynamic range claims and provide a way of shooting that acknowledges the requirements of film delivery, and to keep their priorities on the filmmaker when designing new products.

I am also cautious about getting swept up in the excitement that RED is so masterful at generating, and I encourage you to be as well. I am lucky enough to get to share my tempered excitement and thoughts directly with Jim Jannard himself. I can't get anyone at Canon to return my calls or emails (not even when I post in Japanese) despite owning a closet full of their gear.

RED is great enough and frustrating enough that it needs a great podcast to help us sort it all out. Fortunately for all of us, we have exactly that. Thanks for a great year Mike and Jason—here's to many more.

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