Prolost Presets for Lightroom

As those of you who watched my Lightroom User Group presentation learned, I use a system of graduated presets for processing my photos in Adobe Lightroom. I’ve essentially used these presets to redesign the Lightroom user interface—instead of using sliders to specify adjustments, the presets allow me to see and react to visual choices, tapping into some of the same instincts I’ve developed behind the lens.

I quietly offered the presets to early adopters, but now it’s time to properly release them. The set of over 400 presets is available now for only $19.99. They work on Mac and Windows, and require Lightroom 4 or higher.

This is version 1.5 of the presets. I’ve tweaked a few things and added some new presets, including 5 extremely useful Color Treatment presets, the Prolost Technical group, and a Red Scale preset in Prolost Creative. If you bought the presets before as an early adopter, you probably don’t need to upgrade, but doing so is a lovely way to support future offering like this.