Prolost Burns

When I was creating the demo video for the Prolost Lightroom Presets, I wanted a quick way to create the classic zooming/dissolving photo montages known as the “Ken Burns effect.” And because sometimes your scaffolding needs scaffolding of its own, I decided to make an Animation Preset to speed the process.

Prolost Burns is an Animation Preset for Adobe After Effects CS6 and greater that automates the process of creating this type of animation. It’s so handy that I thought you might get some use out of it yourself.

  • Set the start and end zoom values, and your layer will smoothly zoom over its entire duration. Changing the layer’s length automatically adjusts the animation.
  • Use any comp size and any layer size.
  • Layers automatically cross-dissolve based on how they overlap in the timeline.
  • Set a custom center point for the zooming animation, to draw the viewer’s focus.
  • Apply the preset to many layers at once for a near instantaneous setup.
  • Works with Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC, Mac and Windows.

Prolost Burns makes it insanely easy to set up gorgeous photo montages. Get it now for only $3.99.

Update 2015-05-17

Burns has been updated to version 1.7 and has a new price and a new home.