Less is more generated some great comments. Keep 'em coming!

There were a couple of mentions of other 35mm lens adaptors, including the Mini35 and the Micro35. I certainly don't want my extolment of the G35 to come at the exclusion of these other options. As I mentioned, I've shot with the Pro35 and had a terrific experience. I'm excited to see so many options created by people who are clearly passionate about accessible cinema.

What specifically entices me about the G35 is that it is small enough that it allows a DV camera to be a DV camera. I could see myself taking it with me wherever I brought my DVX.

The G35 came to my attention after I saw an excellent short film that was shot with an early "beta test" unit on a DVX100a. That film is SIMILO, and it was an entry in the sci-fest competition (although ultimately it was disqualified).

SIMILO official site (a very high quality H.264 Quicktime here)

Filmmakers Zacharias and Macgregor shot this lovely piece totally guerilla-style. Check out this behind-the-scenes still (more like that on the forum). Anytime someone reminds me it's possible to make images like those in SIMILO with that kind of minimalist setup, I get excited.