TANK is an animated short film that I have been working on for a year and half. It's up today on Red Giant's site.

The Making of Tank

The way I made TANK is a little crazy. I made it entirely in Adobe After Effects, with equal parts animation elbow grease and nerdy expressions madness. This video is part behind-the-scenes, part After Effects tutorial, and part therapy session.

A complete list of all the tools I used to make TANK is available at Red Giant's blog:


Want to try making 3D vector graphics in After Effects? No? Well, if you change your mind, I packaged up the basic working of my TANK vector graphics rig into an After Effects template that you can download for free from the Prolost Store.

Universe 2.2 and a New Red Giant Film

Red Giant has released Universe 2.2. Universe is our ever-growing collection of editorial effects and transitions, where you’ll find such favorites as VHS and Retrograde.

As is often the case, there’s a Red Giant film to go along with this release, and this time it marks the directorial debut of our own Aharon Rabinowitz. He made a film that is so uniquely him that, well, you should just watch it:

And the making of, where I get a little shout-out for helping figure out hoe to recreate the retro optical-printer VFX:

And now, feel free to learn more about what’s new in Universe 2.2 (spoiler alert: cool stuff like an update to VHS, and support for Avid Media Composer):