The Most Unlikely Places

I never thought I'd hear the DV Rebel spirit represented on the director's commentary of I, Robot (a $120M film), and yet there it is, during the scene where Will Smith runs from the giant demolition bot through the crumbling mansion (I'm paraphrasing a bit):

We just dumped a whole bunch of stuff from the roof to fall in Will's path, and used long lenses... Often the best sort of film illusion is one that you can achieve on the set quickly...

CG takes many months to get right, and it's a very analytical process, a very sort of scientific process of getting shots and analyzing them and fixing them and constantly improving them.

It's a hell of a lot more fun to sort of wobble the camera around and run around like crazy with a few strobing lights and get something really exciting happening right in front of you.

Director Alex Proyas also describes perfectly why the DV Rebel approach of working backward, not forward is so important and can save you time and money (on DVD chapters 12–13), and how the Hollywood filmmaking machine unwittingly conspires against this wisdom.