Mini Review by a Real Rebel

Eric Escobar, a filmmaker who's living the DV Rebel spirit more than even I am, posted this mini-review of The Guide as a comment on the HD For Indies review:

I was lucky enough to get a copy of this from the back of Stu's van yesterday.

This book is worth it's weight in gold for indie/guerrilla/no-budget big vision filmmakers. It is the most relevant how-to manual I've read for leveraging desktop-handheld tools to bring Hollywood production value to everyone else's projects.

The French New Wave filmmakers modified their film mags to increase shooting time and it shook the film world—they were technicians as well as artists. It's imperative for today's indies to be able to understand and manipulate pixels if they want to squeeze the most out of their images. The DV Rebels Guide is a comprehensive and straight forward guide from a true filmmaking rebel.