Rebel Status

  • First an apology, to everyone who pre-ordered and to readers of this blog. This is my first book, and what I know about the publishing world could fit under my DVX100's lens cap.
  • Specifically, what I failed to understand is the difference between the date the book ships from the printer to Peachpit's warehouse, and the date that a place like Amazon starts shipping a book.
  • I'm not alone in this misunderstanding, as Amazon themselves had been posting an availability date that was a handful of days after the book shipped from the printer.
  • Peachpit has been in touch with Amazon, and although there's more info yet to come, the one thing I can say is that the March ship dates are most assuredly bogus. Amazon has ordered the book (just now, aparently), and it is on its way to them. Give them a few days to futz them around in their warehouses and then they'll be on their way to you.
  • As I myself need to be reminded from time to time, Amazon is not the entire world of books. You can order The Guide now from Peachpit (where it is, unfortunately, more expensive) and it will ship within 24 hours. There are also some folks selling The Guide on eBay.
  • You might consider ordering the book from your local bookstore. This will give you mad karma points and will help spread the word about the book. The DV Rebel after you who walks in and buys a copy off the shelf will have you to thank.
  • I feel bad about all this confusion, and I'm going to figure out a way to try to make it up to you guys!