¡Colorista Fiesta!

Dave Basulto of Filmmaking Central has a new article on mastering his latest feature film, Fiesta Grand. He followed the DV Rebel's Guide methodology to the letter and is delighted with the results.

Color correction can make or break a movie. It’s as important as having good sound. Having the right color can set the moods you are trying to convey to your viewers. Golden tones can help make things more cheerful. Bleach bypass made Saving Private Ryan look extremely authentic. My movie, Fiesta Grand, had a nice look in its raw format but I really wanted it to make an impression. But how do you color correct? This was something I fooled around with but never got too involved on prior films. Luckily we are in an age where powerful tools are at our disposal. No longer does the independent filmmaker have to dream about using the DaVinci. Let the rebellion begin!

For those who don't yet have The Guide, or for readers who haven't yet tried out the DV Rebel Tools, this is a great overview of how they help automate the process of mastering in After Effects.

(And for the record, there's nothing about the correction I did on Lola from A sus órdenes that I could not have done with the DV Rebel Tools and/or Colorista in After Effects.)

Coloring the Fiesta on Digital Media Net