Keep NYC Rebel-friendly

From the press release:

NEW YORK CITY: Picture New York WITHOUT pictures of New York. In one of the most photographed cities in the world, photographers and filmmakers, both professional and amateur, would be shut down by proposed regulations making it illegal for them to film or tape in NYC without a permit and a million dollars of insurance.

The proposed regulations would affect much of the small scale filming and photography in the city. In addition to artists, those making Industrials, fashion, wedding and architectural photographs could need a permit. The regulations would require a permit for 5 people with one tripod who shoot for 10 minutes or more in one place. (And this would include set up and break down!). A film school graduate with a camcorder, four friends and a dream could have to pay comparable insurance fees with HBO to shoot in New York City. Even parents making home movies in public parks could fall under the new rules.

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