The BBC Are DV Rebels

This is making the rounds, and deservedly so. It's excellent work, just the sort of thing The DV Rebel's Guide is all about.

Some things to note, besides the obvious:

Notice how important the color correction is to the overall look and feel. You can see some of the shots prior to grading in the breakdown section, and they look OK, but not great. An aggressive grade hides a multitude of sins and turns war into WAR! (Chapter 6)

Ditto camera shake. Making the shots dynamic is genre-correct and hides the simple split-screen techniques. (Chapter 4)

These guys clearly had a plan. They knew what shots they needed and they went out and built them piece by piece. They started at the end and worked backward. (Chapter 1)

Last note: Look out. Soon a client or producer or both will come to you asking for the Omaha beach scene for a budget of three peoples' day rates. Notice that nowhere in the video do they mention how long the post took, or how many people it involved.

Thanks to Len for calling attention to this on the Rebel Café.