October 19, 2008

Another 5DMkII showreel.

There's some good info on the Vimeo page, as well as some incorrect statements. "Panning too quickly on 35mm produces stepping effects that you don't get on 16mm film"—I have no idea how that could be true. But the general sentiment is spot on. SLRs are an inch away from being mini movie cameras that create images more cinematic in feel than many video cameras costing ten times as much.

Same thing as Reverie—wanna know why, as lovely as it is, this video looks like video? Read this.

Thanks to reader Greg for the comment that brought this to my attention!

UPDATE: Check the comments for a password protected (why?) D90-lensed music video (try the password all lowercase). You will note that a careful DP seems to have enforced a 180 degree shutter equivalent or narrower. That along with the 24 fps frame rate makes this look much more film-like than anything we've seen from the 5D2. Don't be fooled by the film leader overlays, that's not as responsible for the film look as some would like to believe (although it's perfect evidence that we just can't get enough image degradation!). Attribute the cinematic feel more to the lighting, and the color correction. The D90 can be configured to shoot video that's much more friendly to post color work than can the 5D2, which bakes in a harsh contrast.

No jello-cam to be seen—as I twittered a while back, the funny thing about Jellocam is that it's remarkably easy to shoot a test that amply shows it off and in no way resembles anything you'd ever actually shoot.

UPDATE 2: Director Ramon Boutviseth is discussing the D90 shoot on DVXuser.com. What I described above as the actions of a careful DP, he describes thusly: "most challenging would be the exposure, I shoot on Auto because I don't know how to work the other modes yet, I aim the camera into the light and hold exposure lock to get the picture."