NAB 2008

Lots of grading solutions but no buyer’s remorse about our new Film Master system.

But man, is that Lustre shape tracking sweet.

For those grading on the cheap, you now have a control surface.

The Orphanage is cancelling RED One reso in favor of a Scarlet. Funny given that Scarlet is currently a lump of metal—just like RED One was two years ago.

3D is the RED One of NAB2008. Except, whatever.

With the exception of The Foundry. Nuke’s new stereo tools are useful, innovative. If you must.

Even more whatever: FED display at 240fps! Aparently no one told them humans max out at ~60fps.

Redrock Micro has a packed booth in the middle of nowhere.

As usual, after one day I’m ready to come home.