Panasonic: Let Filmmakers Help You Sell the GH1

Everyone’s probably heard the story of how Vincent Laforet came to shoot Reverie. He just happened to be at Canon USA, happened to see some boxes come in, happened to recognize what they were, and in his patented never-take-no-for-an-answer way, cajoled Canon into loaning him one pre-production Canon 5D Mark II body for one weekend. With his unique resources, ingenuity, and eye, he cranked out the short heard ‘round the world. DV Rebel filmmaking hasn’t been the same since.

How many 5D Mark IIs did Reverie help sell?

Meanwhile, filmmakers excited about the GH1 get to look at this crap:

Hey Panasonic: Get your GH1 into the hands of some filmmakers! You’re the first stills camera maker to take video seriously. How about you take your marketing seriously and let someone with filmmaking chops show the world what the GH1 can do?