You Gotta Fight for the Light at the Party

A couple of weeks ago I went to an “Easter party,” where I got to practice one of my great pastimes—taking photos of my friends’ kids. If you’ve read my Fact, Moment, Light post, you can imagine my trepidation as I brought my camera out—kids are great subjects (facts), especially when they’re doing adorable things like getting amped on candy and foraging for more, but this party was smack in the middle of a sunny spring day, light so notoriously unglamorous that one dad mentioned that he hadn’t bothered to bring his camera for just that reason.

I didn’t come home with many satisfying shots that day, but those I did get are examples of fighting hard for the light—using shade, bounce, and not being afraid of some contrast.

Sometimes the unfriendliness of the light can help you make a photo that’s about as unlike an Easter party shot as you’re likely to find.