Haunting Melissa

From the App Store:

Veteran storyteller Neal Edelstein has reinvented filmmaking in a way that brings the power of hypnotic, episodic content to the iTunes Store. Viewed exclusively on the iPhone and iPad this frighteningly haunting story is released in sporadic and unexpected ways that will leave you constantly guessing, and constantly engaged.

A horror movie delivered directly to your iPad or iPhone, a little at a time. Push notifications alert you to new chapters. Pay a little for each one or buy a Season Pass.

And it gets even more interesting than that.

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Great work Neal!

Download the free app. Haunting Melissaon the web and on Twitter.


on 2013-05-17 16:52 by Stu

Watch Neal discussing why this is such a big deal on Bloomberg TV: Is the App Store the New Cinema?