BulletProof Is Here!

Red Giant BulletProof is live!

Major congrats to the entire team at Red Giant. It’s truly been inspirational to watch them build this amazing app.

We made BulletProof because we needed it. It’s a filmmaker’s tool built by filmmakers. For real.

You’re on set. You’re shooting like crazy. Everyone’s asking you a hundred questions. You need to know that you got the shot. You review it. It’s perfect! But the first half of take one is the best, as is the second half of take three. You make some quick notes. Boost the contrast and warm up the shot. Pop in a few quick in and out points and check continuity instantly in a playlist. Circle that take. Rate it five stars for good measure. Copy/paste that warm, contrasty look to every clip.

All in seconds, all on your laptop, all using an interface that works the way your brain does and gives you confidence that your shots will make it home safe—as will your creative take on them.

The footage is checksum-verified and redundantly backed up. The clips you export drop right into your editor’s NLE with all those keywords, notes, and markers intact.

Where has this been all our lives?

BulletProof is available on its own, or as part of the new Shooter Suite, which also contains PluralEyes. Looks, Colorista, and the other Magic Bullet color correction tools are now bundled together as the Color Suite. If you have questions about how all this works, check out the helpful blog post over at Red Giant.