Magic Bullet Suite 13 Tutorials

There's so much new in Magic Bullet Suite 13 that I made like a zillion tutorials.

The essential walkthroughs are all in my announcement post. These tutorials get a little more specific.

Guided Color Correction in Magic Bullet Colorista IV

There's no better example of Red Giant's commitment to make great color accessible to all video editors than the new Guided Color Correction feature in Colorista IV. The tool walks you through a step-by-step process of balancing out a shot. You get great results easily, and you stay in control the whole time.

My Color Grading Pipeline

Reduce noise and compression artifacts first. Then basic color balancing, followed by creative color grading. Then, as a final step, re-introduce grain or texture as desired. That's my pipeline on almost every shot I color correct, and this walks you through the process, using Magic Bullet Denoiser III, Colorista IV, and the all-new Renoiser film grain emulation tool.

Saving Look Presets in Magic Bullet Looks

With Magic Bullet Looks 4, we updated the way you save your own Looks. It's now so easy that you should very much not need this tutorial.

And Tool Presets Too

I heard you like presets with your presets. Each individual Tool in Magic Bullet Looks now has presets, and this video shows how you access them and save your own.

Working With Log Footage

Log is more than big and heavy and wood, it's also the best way to shoot video for the maximum dynamic range, short of raw. All the tools in Magic Bullet Suite 13 support log, and this video shows you how.

Highlights and Highlight Recovery in Colorista IV

When should you use the Highlights control in Colorista IV, and when should you use Highlight Recovery? The answer is now.

Using LUTs in Magic Bullet Suite 13

Sometimes you feel like a LUT, and Magic Bullet Suite 13 is cool with that. This video covers the new LUT support in Colorista IV as well as the LUT tool in Magic Bullet Looks 4.

The Faded Film Look

Twist on some fresh mustache wax and learn how to achieve the faded cinematic look that you alternately complain about and then kind of like and want, using the new Point Curve in Colorista IV and Looks, and the Fade It control in Magic Bullet Mojo II.

More to Come

But that's it for now! You can find more Stu-torials here.