Introducing Offload

When Red Giant introduced BulletProof, we sought to solve a great number of problems with gathering, organizing, and managing the huge quantity of media we create with our cameras. Some people swear by it, but it's a lot of app.

Everyone needs a trusted system for copying footage from their camera cards to their computer. For most shooters I know (video and stills), that's still a manual, drag-and-drop process. It's fussy and error-prone, and there's no way to be sure your files are free from corruptions or errors. Want a backup? Manually initiate another copy.

Today, Red Giant launches Offload. It's a simple, powerful app for getting your shots off your camera and onto your computer.


Offload is fast, at both copying and verification.


Offload uses the field-proven checksum-verified copy technology from BulletProof. Each file is tested to be identical to the camera original, and Offload shows you this process in an intuitive, graphical way.


We realize you've been doing this without our help for a while now, so Offload allows you to easily set up folder naming templates using dates, camera info, and custom text. Keep your same workflow—but let Offload automate it for you.


Offload is easy. There's nothing to learn. It has one screen, no options, and no catalog file to manage. You already know how to use it.

Visible From Space

You're on a shoot with a hundred things on your mind. You return to your laptop and try to remember if the card sticking out of it has been copied and backed up, or just copied, or hasn't been copied yet. Just me?

Offload's interface is big, colorful, and communicative. Gold means something's happening. Blue means done and safe. Red means bad. You'll know your copy progress at a glance, even from across a busy set.


Offload makes it easy to add a second, backup copy destination. The copy finishes first, and you can remove your media card right away. The backup will continue in the background, using the same checksum-verified technology.

Works Your Way

Offload plays nice with your exitsting workflow, instead of trying to replace it. It's just a better way to copy files. For example, if you double-click a thumbnail, Offload takes you right to the media file.

Offload is simple, powerful, and affordable. It doesn't ask you to change how you work. It makes the process of transferring media visual, easy, and fast. Its checksummed copy technology could save your butt. It's available today from Red Giant for only $49, or as a part of the Shooter Suite, which also includes PluralEyes and BulletProof.