Using the New Film Tools in Magic Bullet Looks

Magic Bullet Suite 12 includes the all-new Magic Bullet Film, an easy-to-use effect that gives your footage the real look of motion picture film, thanks to hundreds of feet of 35mm film we shot, processed, scanned, and measured.

This film simulation is also included in Magic Bullet Looks, where we broke it into two separate Tools — one for simulating camera negative stocks, and one for print film stocks. You can use these together, or on their own, and optionally in combination with the other powerful Tools in Looks. Here's how.

Why We Fight

I recently contributed a color correction lesson to the current fxphd term, and I grabbed some footage from Brick & Steel to use as examples. As I was going through these year-old shots, I was struck by what a damn good time we had shooting that little fake trailer thing. And these two takes in particular seemed to sum it all up for me.

With all the talk about new cameras lately, there’s been a sort of spec-studying urgency in the air that I hadn’t even realized I’d begun to find a bit stifling. Watching this footage reminded me that the hard work of filmmaking is sometimes indistinguishable from having a great time with friends.

(Please note that the behind-the-scenes is as unrated as the trailer itself.)